Teen Wolf 5×11 Review: The Last Chimera

Lydia in Teen Wolf

Teen Wolf Season 5 returned after its mid-season break with “The Last Chimera”, and arcs from previous episodes.

If you’re a fan of Teen Wolf Season 5’s arc then you’ll surely enjoy 5B’s premiere; however, if you thought 5A was boring, then this week’s episode doesn’t do anything to change that.

All of the storylines from Teen Wolf 5A transferred over to 5B. If you were ever a bit unclear about what had happened, then there’s no need to worry because Lydia (Holland Roden) more or less gave us all a recap while she was in Eichen House under the care of Dr. Valack. We also got to know why Theo (Cody Christian) watched his sister die, even though it didn’t make a lot of sense to me. Why did the Dread Doctors (who will from now on be called the Steampunk Trinity) choose Theo? What’s so important about him? Why did they give him a heart transplant to make him a chimera? Why all the trouble?

While 5A was all about Scott’s (Tyler Posey) pack breaking away from each other, 5B looks like where he will make everyone come back together. Though he didn’t talk to Liam (Dylan Sprayberry) during the premiere, it was clear that he wanted him back. Also I know Scott’s conversation with Stiles (Dylan O’Brien) about surviving the Alpha Pack, a Dark Druid, etc. was supposed to show how good they worked as a team, and that they could survive the current threat, too. But do you know who didn’t survive all of that? Allison Argent! Why did you make me remember her, Teen Wolf? Why?

Liam was also shown suffering from guilt over attacking Scott during the Super Moon. I was quite surprised by Mason’s role during the episode. I wasn’t expecting him to have so much screen time, and actually serve a purpose. He supported Liam as he tried to look for Hayden (who shall be known as Baby Selena Gomez) and was a good friend to him. I just hope we get to see more of Mason in such a role, and he doesn’t fall into the background once Liam reenters Scott’s pack.

Deputy Parrish in Teen WolfThe current story arc seems to be building on an ultimate showdown between the Hellhound/Deputy Parrish and the Steampunk Trinity’s ultimate creation. Theo definitely knows it’s going to happen and the fight is going to destroy Beacon Hills. I would like some sort of an explanation regarding why such a battle needs to occur in the first place? We have nine episodes left before the end of this season, so fingers crossed Jeff Davis decides to build on the lore. But then again it’s Teen Wolf so I wouldn’t be surprised if the whole thing is swept under the rug near the finale and a whole other conflict raises its head.

Nothing out of the usual happened in the 5B premiere. We got more questions than answers, an unnamed teenager got killed, paranormal beings wandered around, Parrish got shirtless again, and people still hadn’t packed their bags and left Beacon Hills for good.

Having said that, I’m looking forward to what Teen Wolf 5B has to offer this season, and whether or not it will do anything to raise the current ratings.

More thoughts and questions:

  • Again I fail to understand why the Steampunk Trinity decided to choose Theo. What makes him so special?
  • After Derek Hale’s leaving the show, I’m certain Teen Wolf has made Lydia their official punching bag. She can’t seem to get a break. It does nothing to develop her character. I want the old Lydia back.
  • So, Dr. Valack has the power to change his appearance? That was cool. What other powers do you think he’s hiding?
  • Baby Selena Gomez was revealed to be part Jaguar. Kate Argent also turned into a werejaguar? Will the two share some sort of a bond in the future?
  • Stiles and Malia broke up. As far as I’m concerned the whole of Scott’s pack could do with some years without falling into relationships.
  • Stiles blacked out two times just so he could have a flashback of his mother’s funeral. Is he going to be okay?
  • Does being a Hellhound automatically give you such an amazing body that your clothes refuse to stay on for more than a minute? Or does Deputy Parrish have a gym membership? I need to know. For science!

What did you think of Teen Wolf Season 5B premiere? Did you enjoy “The Last Chimera” or did you want the current story arc to have ended back in 5A? Let us know!

Author: Farid-ul-Haq

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