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BHAD Teen Wolf Rewatch Season 1 Episode 1

I’ve known about StickyKeys’ plans to do a Teen Wolf Rewatch (of both Season 1 and Season 2) for a while and I’m glad to announce it has officially started!

After launching a successful Patreon campaign for BHAD, it’s amazing to see StickyKeys doing what she can to continue creating fun content for her supporters. You can go ahead and listen to the “Teen Wolf Rewatch 101 – The Wolf Moon” podcast right now.

I enjoyed how she and her guests watched the first 10 minutes of an episode, paused the video, talked about what they all just saw, and then watched the next 10 minutes. It’s a good format, breaking an episode into 10-minute long segments.

If you’ve been keeping up with Teen Wolf since the debut of the pilot, the podcast serves as a fun way to remember those days. Also, you might notice problematic themes during the rewatch which most of us couldn’t (or didn’t want to) because we were so invested in the series and thought Jeff Davis was a gift from the TV Gods. Sigh!

Let me know if I still haunt your dreams, Jeff.

Here’s StickyKeys’ official statement:

Hey Y’all, hey!  Welcome, welcome, welcome to the BHAD Podcast Teen Wolf Season 1 & 2 Rewatch! We decided to be completionists and record commentaries for the first 24 episodes of the season.

Here’s how this will work. We will release one commentary episode per week.  I will update the BHAD Calendar ( with the dates and what eps we’ll be reviewing and watching on those dates.

Starting with ep 106, every three episodes we will do a live spreaker style episode.  I’m still working on details, this may be a live watch of the episode or a live listen – details to follow.  Then we’ll do a live cast of each finale and do a season recap! I will open discussion threads as the episodes are released.

Make sure to follow the BHAD TWRewatch tag for all related updates. You can also join the Discord.

Feel free to share your thoughts with us.

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