The Walking Dead Issue 171 Introduces An Interesting New Female Character

The Walking Dead Issue 171 Princess

While The Walking Dead comic book series has a lot of fans and the TV adaptation is highly successful, the franchise does face the challenge of keeping things fresh. The Walking Dead Issue 171 seemed to have made an effort to change things up. Time will tell if it’s for the better, though.

I was intrigued by the cover of this week’s issue of The Walking Dead. The new character is on the entire cover of The Walking Dead issue 171. I just hope she has something to offer.

The Walking Dead comic book series has certainly been running for a long time now and as someone who’s been reading it, I have to admit that the events do tend to repeat themselves. Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard try to keep things interesting by introducing new characters but let’s face it, you probably don’t know the names of most of the people in the cast.

Old characters die and new ones are created to fill up the empty slots. However, not all of the new additions are guaranteed to have fans excited.

However, with The Walking Dead issue 171, readers were introduced to a new character this week who hopefully makes an impact down the road.

The Walking Dead Issue 171 PrincessThe new character is named Juanita Sanchez but she prefers being called Princess. You can tell from the cover that she’s flamboyant and probably not right in the head. Reading the issue you’ll learn that she has a sense of humor. I’m looking forward to seeing how she’ll interact with other characters. Her scenes with Michonne were highly enjoyable.

The Walking Dead Issue 171 does show what Princess has to offer on the surface, character wise. So, I’m hoping Kirkman and Adlard are able to flesh her out more (through writing and the art), which is something they’ll need to do for Princess to stand out in such a large cast.

I liked her little speech about how the end of the world has stopped making African-Americans, Arab-Americans, Asian-Americans, etc., a minority in what’s left of the human population in the US.

The main mystery right now focuses on a deserted Pittsburgh, who Juanita claims to be the Princess of. So, I guess she’ll be sticking around.

Did you read The Walking Dead Issue 171? What do you think of Princess? Let us know.

Author: Farid-ul-Haq

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