iZombie 4×10 Review: Yippee Ki Brain, Motherscratcher!

yippee ki brain motherscratcher izombie

I’ll be honest, before I knew that this episode was called “Yippee Ki Brain, Motherscrather”, I thought we were just seeing Liv on generic jerk cop brain, not necessarily cop-influenced-by-Die-Hard brain.

Regardless, while this week’s brain made for both some eyeroll-inducing and somewhat amusing moments, in my opinion it wasn’t really that memorable. Of course, that might not have been the fault of “Yippee Ki Brain”; there was, after all, a LOT going on in this episode.

For instance, was anyone else kind of surprised that Isobel’s mom was totally okay with her daughter spending the rest of her [probably short] life in Seattle? Granted, Isobel is there for a good reason (and I have to assume that her mom knows what that reason is), but it still seemed far too easy. Although maybe part of that was also because Liv seemed to go from anti-Isobel-staying-in-Seattle to totally okay that it was happening almost immediately. (In fact, all it really took was Isobel bringing up Zombie High…which, to be honest, I’d totally forgotten about, but this reminder *was* great if only for the sly, very much meta, allusions to its similarities with iZombie itself.)

yippee ki brain motherscratcher izombieIsobel staying in Seattle made for the base of a good montage, but other than that it wasn’t really important to the overall story of “Yippee Ki Brain”…at least not until much later. In the meantime, one of Liv’s still-human coyotes was caught by Fillmore-Graves, leading to her having to scratch him, Major’s “buddy” apparently doubled down on his side business, and I was left wondering if Blaine actually fell for his dad’s manipulation attempt involving the abusive former nanny.

See? I told you there was a lot going on.

All that aside (seriously, I can’t even wrap my head around the whole Angus/Brother Love and his church and Blaine thing, so I really do have to set it aside for now), the real problem with “Yippee Ki Brain” was…Major. (Double meaning absolutely intended.)

yippee ki brain motherscratcher izombieListen, at first I was actually feeling bad for Major, considering how awkward he is as he tries to play his fellow Fillmore-Graves employee…but it was pretty darn frustrating when he figured out that Liv is the new Renegade and went off on her. Listen, I get that some of his reaction comes from the part of him that still cares about – and is therefore worried for – Liv, but he’s also made a string of crappy decisions lately, and the way he treated Liv, Peyton, and even Levon was another nail in his, err, coffin. (For lack of a better word.)

How did you like “Yippee Ki Brain”? Did Liv even need a brain of the week along with everything else that’s going on? Let us know in the comments!

Author: Tara Lynne

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  1. I disagree about Major..Liv is the one who sucks right now…and why should he care about Levon ?? UGH

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