Future Episodes of Fugou Keiji Postponed Due to Pandemic

Fugou Keiji

The new anime Fugou Keiji: Balance Unlimited will be delayed after the third episode due to the ongoing global pandemic.

Fugou Keiji: Balance Unlimited is a new anime that I just recommended a few days ago, predicting that it’ll be your new anime obsession.  Unfortunately this awesome new show is being delayed due to ongoing global health issue, which has recently caused Japan to declare a nation-wide state of emergency.  The official twitter account posted the announcement this morning after the second episode became available.

Rough translation: 

[Notice of postponement of broadcasting] “Millionaire Detective Balance: UNLIMITED” will postpone broadcasting after the third episode in order to give maximum consideration to the spread of new coronavirus infection. We will inform you of the future broadcasting schedule on the official website of the program as soon as it is decided.

This isn’t the first thing to be delayed, nor will it be the last.  We are in the middle of an ongoing pandemic and everything from theme parks and conventions to shows and movies have been impacted.  There have been over 2 million cases reported worldwide with over 145,000 confirmed deaths.  The actual death count is speculated to me much higher.

While this isn’t the first thing related to any of my fandoms to be impacted, it is certainly a pretty big blow for me personally at this point in the pandemic.  The show has been a wonderful distraction from our current situation and I was looking forward to using it as a way to set a weekly routine while I’m trapped at home.  But I’m absolutely in favor of the delay, even through my disappointment.  The safety of the production team is vital and I hope they remain safe at home while they ride it out.

There’s no word on when things will pick back up again, but everything is pretty shaky across the board in regards to the pandemic.  Weeks have turned into months, and we can only hope that months won’t turn into years.  Right now we should all support each other the best we can, seek comfort in fandom, and, for those of us who are able, produce fan content while we wait for the official content to come back to us.

Author: Angel Wilson

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