The Titan’s Bride 1×3 Review – “Giant Family”

Giant Family
Koichi feeling embarrassed by Caius’ affection in ‘Giant Family’ (Image: Screengrab)

Now that Koichi and Caius have an agreement between them, the third episode of The Titan’s Bride anime, titled ‘Giant Family’, helped viewers understand more about Caius’s kingdom and certain insecurities pecking at Koichi.

Even though The Titan’s Bride is, basically, an anime about a young human man trying to figure out how to bottom for a giant, it still has a lot of heart and romance. Also, in my opinion (as someone who has read the manga), this story has been handling consent quite well. It’s not perfect, but compared to consent issues present in the BL or Yaoi, I do appreciate the progress made in The Titan’s Bride.

‘Giant Family’ opened with Koichi accepting Caius’s request. We know that Caius has to marry someone from another world to save his kingdom. Even though he was able to summon Koichi, Caius isn’t the kind of character to force Koichi into marriage. But he also can’t let Koichi simply leave without trying to make him stay and protect the kingdom. So, in my opinion, the compromise the two made was understandable.

If Koichi doesn’t fall in love with Caius in a month, he’s free to leave and return to Earth. Again, it’s not perfect. But it’s progress considering what could have happened in such a situation if Caius tried to force himself on Koichi. Also, as viewers, we know that Koichi wants to stay. He’s already developed an unexplainable bond with Caius. He wasn’t forced into accepting Caius’s agreement and hanging around for a month in a new world. If Koichi had refused, Caius would have sent him back to Earth immediately.

It’s clear that Caius loves Koichi. However, our young human boy continued to experience insecurities. As far as Koichi’s concerned, Caius was into him because it was his royal duty to have Koichi around to save the kingdom.

Also, due to Koichi being human, it made sense for him to question Caius’s intentions. How can you suddenly fall in love with someone else? In Koichi’s eyes, he’s just a tool that Caius’ needs to protect his people. The fact Caius was engaged to a titan woman and they had to break off their engagement because of a prophecy didn’t help put Koichi’s mind at ease.

Koichi’s a mess and I can’t wait to see Caius doing his best to show his love for Koichi. But then again, that might be easier said than done because ‘Giant Family’ ended with Caius’s ex-fiance making an appearance. The drama, I tell you. The drama!

Another thing I liked about this episode is how it explained how titans live as a society. They have prosperity inside of them. That’s why they’re very open about displaying their love for someone in public (Koichi’s quite embarrassed by PDA). As a community, they’re into construction, farming, crafting, and having a family. It’s all about being productive. Of course, other beings exist in this world. So, I’m excited to see how they differ from the titans.

And before I end my review, Caius being impressed by Koichi’s knowledge of basketball was incredibly cute. As far as Caius is concerned, Koichi can do no wrong.

For those who don’t know, you can watch the censored version of The Titan’s Bride for free by visiting the ComicFesta Anime website. The uncensored version will cost you a couple of dollars. For those wondering, the uncensored version is rated R-15 which means it’s not explicit. And yes, that was a bit disappointing for the fandom, but it is what it is.

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