Gotham 1×12 Review: What the Little Bird Told Him

10922735_347827735401034_2980382008714723327_nI think this week’s episode of Gotham was probably the first time I enjoyed the mafia storyline ever since the writers started dragging it out. Seeing Fish finally making her move against Falcone was exciting and I hope it leads to better things to come. There were no kids this week but I still found the overall episode quite enjoyable. Let’s dig in!

I wasn’t interested in the two prisoners that escaped Arkham Asylum last week and I still couldn’t make myself feel interested in them this week either. With the rest of the stories going on, the whole ‘villain-of-the-week’ thing isn’t capturing my attention. I’m more interested in knowing what happens to the characters I’m invested in such as Penguin, Fish, Falcone, Baby Bruce, Baby Selina, and Gordon. I know Gordon has to play detective in the show and needs bad guys to put behind bars, but I would rather the main plot focused more on the characters I just mentioned.

Coming to the mafia story, Fish going after Falcone has been simmering for a long time and thankfully things reached a climax this week, though it was a weak climax. I get that Fish used Liza against Falcone by reminding him of his mother but her main plan didn’t come across as strong enough. Fish had Liza kidnapped and then presented her demands to Falcone: she wanted Falcone to leave Gotham with Liza.

I still can’t understand how that would’ve worked to begin with. Why would Falcone even consider leaving Gotham? Another dud was how Falcone told Fish he hoped it wasn’t her who was responsible for kidnapping Liza and in the same conversation he mentioned how he knew she was the smartest in the family. The whole telephone conversation Falcone had with Fish was full of contradictions.


Anyway, compared to the rest of the episode, Falcone facing Fish in her club and what he did to Liza in the end made up for everything. Penguin saying his goodbye to Mooney was another treat. I just can’t get enough of Robin Lord Taylor! With Falcone now remembering who he really was, I am looking forward to a more exciting arc for the mafia family in Gotham.

Making Lester Buchinsky the villain seemed like the writers’ way to get Gordon reinstated into the police force. Like I said, I wasn’t particularly interested in this plot. Lester shocked some people and Gordon defeated him by throwing a glass of water. The end. Was it just me or did the weird witchcraft doll look more like Gordon than Maroni?

All in all, “What the Little Bird Told Him” was more about the Penguin revealing the truth about Liza to Falcone and the mafia don opening his eyes to what’s really happening in the family. That’s it.

Did you watch this week’s episode of Gotham? What did you think of Fish’s plan? Do you like Gordon and Ms. Thompkins as a possible romantic pairing? What about Enigma and Ms. Kringle? Let us know!

Author: Farid-ul-Haq

Farid has a Double Masters in Psychology and Biotechnology as well as an M.Phil in Molecular Genetics. He is the author of numerous books including Missing in Somerville, and The Game Master of Somerville. He gives us insight into comics, books, TV shows, anime/manga, video games, and movies.


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2 thoughts on “Gotham 1×12 Review: What the Little Bird Told Him

  1. I agree about the villain of the week thing. There’s a big cast of regulars and recurring characters worthy of scenes, and I feel like the VotW stories are just filler.

    I’m glad Fish’s storyline is starting to get good. Earlier in the season, I felt she was one of the weak points, much as I wanted to like her. But lately she’s becoming more interesting and less cartoonish, and I’m enjoying her in the show a lot more.

    Robin Lord Taylor steals this show. But much as I love his character, I hope they don’t over-expose him. There’s a line between using him well and overusing him because he’s becoming popular. So far, they’re doing a good job with the balance, but when I saw that he was also hosting the behind-the-scenes type stuff between commercial breaks, I started to wonder. I don’t want to get sick of him by S2.

    1. Yeah…agree…too much over-exposure will/can definitely work against the character, actor, and the show.

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