Hit the Floor 3×3 Review: Fake Out

Fake Out Jude and Zero in Hit the Floor

In this week’s episode of Hit the Floor ‘Fake Out’, Jude and Zero hooked up, Ahsha came back to the Devil Girls, and Jelena and Terrence went public as a power couple.

The Derek/Ahsha/German love triangle in Hit the Floor is only going to get worse. German warned Ahsha about falling in love with Derek, and even though she said she loved German, Derek clearly isn’t backing down from her. He’s in love (obsessed?) with Ahsha and he’ll do anything in his power to get her back. Right now she’s stuck between a man who’s obsessed with her and a man who’s a murderer. Either those two are going to kill each other or they’ll end up harming Ahsha in the process. I wasn’t expecting Lionel to be so straightforward when Derek asked her to bring back Ahsha. She blatantly told Ahsha that it was Derek who wanted her back not her. Lionel is one cut-throat boss and I love it!

Lionel also pitted herself against Jelena (Logan Browning) by making Ahsha co-choreographer. With Jelena and Terrence already planning to buy the Devils, this move won’t be taken lightly. Almost everyone is against Lionel at this point, even Oscar, but I know Lionel won’t be going down without a good fight. While Jelena and Terrence went public with their engagement and came out as a power couple, Lionel also made a move by cutting Oscar’s ties to the Devils.

Stuck in all of this drama is Jude (Brent Antonello). His father disowned him back in the season two because of his sexuality, but now wanting to get back in the game he asked to meet Jude. They both shared a powerful scene together where Jude outright refused to help Oscar unless he accepted him for who he was. I was glad Jude was able to stand up in front of his father, what I wasn’t glad about was his inability to do the same with Zero (Adam Senn).

Jude and Zero being intimate in Hit the FloorRemember when I said screens will explode if they touched? Well, those two did more than just touch this week; they had sex, with clothes flying everywhere! It was too much for my fanboy heart. I have to applaud writer James LaRosa. He didn’t shy away from showing the intimacy onscreen. Whether you enjoy Hit the Floor or not, you can’t deny the fact that it delivers on the queer content. However, things took a turn for the worst when Zero still kept Jude a secret after their sexual encounter. Jude looked more disappointed in himself than in Zero. He knew that Zero was the only person who made him feel normal but he didn’t want their relationship to stay in the closet either. Jude asked Zero to stay away from him but we all know that’s not going to happen. Zero loves Jude and staying away from him is something Zero is incapable of doing. Those two need to work out their differences and fast.

I think Jude walking out on Zero also played a role in him going up on stage and deciding to reveal Jelena and Terrence’s plan to buy the Devils. His little move proved to the new power couple that he wasn’t to be taken lightly, and they had to agree to his terms. I’m surprised that Zero hasn’t mentioned anything to Jude about how the Devils are in the process of being taken away from the Kinkades. You’re a bad husband, Zero! A bad husband!

In other news, Sloane escaped from her kidnapper because she is Sloane! And you don’t mess with her even if you are Oscar Kinkade. Kyle helped Raquel deal with her heart condition, and told her to fight it. She also met the producer of her film, and I have a feeling that it isn’t going to flop as they are hoping it would.

Quote of the Week: “You’re the most screwed up person I’ve ever met and the only one who makes me feel normal” – Jude to Zero.

What did you think of this week’s episode of Hit the Floor? Did you enjoy the events that took place in ‘Fake Out’? Let us know!

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4 thoughts on “Hit the Floor 3×3 Review: Fake Out

  1. I think Jude is making serious progress at breaking through Zero’s armor. I honestly speculated that when Zero went up to the podium, after he torpedoed Terrance and Jelena’s plans, he might actually make the big reveal and try to win Jude back. It’s probably too soon (especially since we have more of Lucas to come,) but when Jude said “leave me alone,” Zero’s face made it clear that winged him (and Adam and Brent are doing awesome with this.) I like how they’ve rubbed off on each other, Jude’s grown a spine and Zero’s started to soften.

    1. Yes, Jude stood up to his father this week, and while he did the deed with Zero, he realized that their relationship wasn’t going anywhere. Zero definitely loves Jude (in his own way) and being asked to stay away from Jude is going to be tough for him. So, maybe we’ll see him going public about Zude soon enough…but then again, that could come under ‘Jude forcing Zero to come out if he wants to be in a relationship with him’…I guess, they both want different things in life, even if they still want to be very much be together. So, let’s see how these two develop this season ^^

  2. Good episode overall. And I liked this week’s dance number.

    Lionel was fearless but given what Oscar’s capable of, she might not be too smart. I wonder what she’ll do when she learns about what happened (and almost happened) to Sloane.

    Good for Ahsha for telling Lionel she’d only come back to the Devils if they matched the offer she had from Boston.

    Poor Jude. There was a nice moment earlier in the ep when Zero asked if Jude wanted him to drive him to see Oscar, and it was sweet that Zero asked if Jude wanted him to drive him there. It was an offer of support, and that was nice. But I knew Jude would be heartbroken again after that hook-up. (I wanted to say Jude should realize that even if Zero was willing to announce them publicly as a couple, it wouldn’t be in the form of the two of them walking, post-sex, out of a wrecked closet at a party. But that’s probably exactly the kind of thing Zero would do when he’s ready.)

    Best exchange of the episode –
    Movie guy, to Kyle: Do you always look this good?
    Kyle: Yes.

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