“All-New X-Men” Issue 17 – Iceman Makes a Decision Due To Love During IvX

All-New X-Men Issue 17 Bobby Romeo IvX

All-New X-Men Issue 17 showed young Iceman make a decision due to love during the current Inhumans vs X-Men war.

This post contains spoilers for All-New X-Men Issue 17! You’ve been warned.

Remember when the young version of Iceman went to a gay bar and met Romeo? Remember when fans were left wondering what’ll happen to the Bobby/Romeo pairing due to IvX? Well, All-New X-Men Issue 17 has provided us with some answers.

The issue opened with Romeo dropping Iceman off after their fourth date. The fact that those two hadn’t shared their first kiss yet was quite telling about what to expect from this issue, but more on that in a bit.

Of course, Bobby had a tough time trying to decide what to do. It is clear that the two young men love each other. However, they also have a duty and responsibility to their species. While Romeo isn’t a fighter, Bobby is an X-Men and he can’t ignore the war.

Dennis Hopeless did a good job conveying the conflict going inside Bobby. He does end up joining Storm’s team to attack New Attilan. However, he operated under another agenda. He blasted through New Attilan and went to find Romeo.

There’s a whole panel of their first kiss!

All-New X-Men Issue 17 Bobby Iceman Romeo Kiss

I guess running away was a fitting thing for them to do. The war between the Inhuman and X-Men is a grown-up affair. Kids don’t have to fight if they won’t want to. Their fate will be determined by what the power players, such as Storm, Medusa, Magneto, Emma Frost, etc. decide.

It is possible that young Bobby Drake returns in the upcoming issues. However, for now, seeing him get far away from the current war does make sense.

Mark Bagley did a good job with the issue’s art, but I did notice a mistake. A spread showed Storm facing off with Crystal. Medusa’s sister shouldn’t even be in the battlefield because of being held captive by Magneto. Get your art department together, Marvel. And don’t tease me with a Storm battle that’s not canon.

What did you think of All-New X-Men Issue 17? Did you think Bobby made the right choice? Let us know.

Author: Farid-ul-Haq

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  1. im loving the way Marvel is dealing with Iceman sexuality, is sad to see many fan angry and talking about the “gay agenda”or “if they want a guy mutante they could write a new one”. the bottle line is that people are uncomfortable seem one of the central X-men as a openly gay character, they try to find excuses they that dont fit or that is wrong just cause they personally have a problem with. is the comum “i have nothing against gays BUT ” is easy saying this when is not something close to you and now with Iceman alot of people take personal and try to say that he date woman before. News flash most of the gay man afraid of society judgment force himself in dating woman even married but that does not mean that they are straight. Iceman is gay and inlove and thats great. Alot of people take comic book characters as real people so in that case Iceman always been gay, you just didn’t know it.

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