“Nightmare Boy” Coming to Steam and Consoles by BadLand Games & The Vanir Project

Nightmare Boy BadLand Games The Vanir Project

BadLand Games has announced a team up with The Vanir Project to bring Nightmare Boy to Steam, PS4, and Xbox One.

Check out the trailer for the psychedelic platformer:


I like the colorful graphics. The gameplay feels action oriented. Steam users can also go ahead and vote for the title on Steam Greenlight.

Working with The Vanir Project means fans of mind-bending visuals and non-stop action, get another incredible platformer in 2017. Nightmare Boy’s creators know their stuff, and we couldn’t pass by the opportunity to bring the game to a wider audience,” said Luis Quintas, CEO of BadLand Games.

Here’s the official synopsis for Nightmare Boy:

After unfortunate events result in the disappearance of Aster, Noctum’s king, the balance between Monsters, Mongos, and Dreamers is lost … and chaos engulfs the land of Donorok in the Noctum region. Defenseless against evil, the children of Donorok are trapped in a malevolent wizard’s dreamlike world and forever locked in darkness. Their only hope? Nightmare Boy, who’s ready and willing to enter the nightmare and put his life on the line.

Explore a hell-like open world in your quest to free the children from captivity; each rescued child grants the protagonist special abilities and powers — such as double jumps, projectiles, explosives, and more. Tread carefully when talking or interacting with NPCs: Quirky characters and their reactions can have game-changing consequences. In fact, mere survival is far from guaranteed in Nightmare Boy: Fast reflexes and a taste for exploration are key if you intend to collect rare items, vanquish enemies, and eventually face your deepest fears.

In developing Nightmare Boy, we wanted to create a game that would be found right next to classic 16- and 32-bit platformers. We hope players will get a kick out of Nightmare Boy’s unique look, atmosphere, and story, while facing unspeakable, unstoppable horrors,” said Victor Avila, the head programmer at The Vanir Project.

The key features include:

*   Sharp Controls: Players have absolute control with double and triple jumps, wall-grabbing, multiple forms, spells, and much more!

*   World Map: Far corners of the world are revealed as players venture further and further into the nightmare.

*   Hidden Collectibles: Helpful in uncovering a number of possible endings.

*   Precious Stones: Necessary to save the game (as a tribute) or to be able to afford items in the store.

*   Player Choice: Very different outcomes available, whether players interact with characters — or not!

Nightmare Boy is currently aiming for a Q3 2017 release date. It will be available on Steam, PS4, and Xbox One.

I’ve reviewed some enjoyable games offered by BadLand Games. A lot of indie games end up being better than mainstream ones. That’s why I’m looking forward to Nightmare Boy.

Furthermore, the publisher will be releasing a 2D platformer, BOOR on 14 February.

Are you familiar with BadLand Games? What do you think of Nightmare Boy? Let us know.

Author: Farid-ul-Haq

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