“There Are No Good Guys” – The 100 Season 5 Looks Just As Gloomy As The Others

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It’s taken me a while, but I’ve accepted that The 100 is just not a happy show. I mean, I probably should have figured that out sometime around mid-season 2, but I refused to give up hope that these poor kids would ever get a break. The 100 season 5 trailer dropped today, hammering home the knowledge that this show is just depressing.

The 100 season 5 trailer ClarkeDon’t get me wrong; The 100 season 5 trailer looks amazing, and I can already tell that they didn’t do what I was afraid they would and give anyone a baby. (No, seriously, I was extremely worried that someone on the space station would show up with a kid, and aside from the fact that I really don’t like when they add babies on shows, it’s beyond stupid to have a kid in these conditions.) So score one for that.

Also, this trailer easily answers the question of who survived Praimfaya – namely, everyone. Or, everyone that we care about, at least. And it seems that, at some point in the season, the three groups – the ship, the bunker, and Clarke – will be reunited. Let me tell you, those are some reunions that I am really looking forward to.

The 100 Season 5 trailer CharmaineThe 100 season 5 trailer also reveals who was piloting that mysterious prison ship that touched down at the end of season 4…sort of. I mean, we see them, but there’s precious little information about who they are or where they came from. (I did notice that the transport is called the Gagarin, which is the name of the Russian astronaut who was the first man in space. The 100 is set in the area around modern-day Virginia, and I’ve often wondered about what happened to other countries.) We know what they want, though – the last piece of livable land on Earth, the green place Clarke found. Led by Charmaine Diyoza, they are determined to gain control of that tiny patch of land by any means necessary.

Up on the space station, it looks like life was pretty bleak. Clarke isn’t sure her radio still works, and by the sound of things, it doesn’t. Bellamy and the rest of the group still believe that Clarke is dead – that she died so that they would live. I imagine that fuels a lot of their actions this season, particularly Bellamy’s. The space crew are confronted with a mystery ship – if not the transport itself, surely where the transport came from. It looks like they’re going to investigate, and judging by the trailer (and by past experience with this show), things are going to go sideways.

The 100 season 5 trailer OctaviaMeanwhile, it seems as though life in the bunker is pretty violent and brutal. Octavia is struggling to unite all the clans together into “Onekru”, but it’s hard to erase, what, 100 years of enmity and distrust. It is weird to think that even with a six-year time jump, this kind of stuff is still going on. I guess we’ll just have to wait for the premiere to see just what is happening and how in six years the clans couldn’t unite.

All in all, I’m cautiously optimistic about season 5. I’m not a fan of time jumps in general, but I’m eager to see how relationships have shifted in the six years it’s been since we last saw these characters. Also, I’m kind of looking forward to seeing the parallels between season 5 and season 1.

The 100 returns Tuesday, April 24.

Check out the trailer below:


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Author: Jamie Sugah

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