The Legend of Korra 4×9 Review: Beyond the Wilds


The Legend of Korra Book 4 still didn’t show Toph kicking Kuvira’s army out of the Spirit swamp this week. Why is the show making me wait so long? At least one good thing happened in ‘Beyond the Wilds’, Korra finally got over her fear of Zaheer!

Even though Toph helped Korra take out the poison from her body, the young Avatar still hadn’t fully recovered. Her inability to tap into her full potential led to Kuvira defeating the Avatar. This week’s episode helped explain that the reason Korra couldn’t be her old self was because she couldn’t accept what Zaheer had done to her. He could’ve easily killed her if Jinora and the other airbenders weren’t there to help. Her fight with Zaheer was a reality check and it broke the assumption she had about being unstoppable. Not only that, her fight with Zaheer and the fact she was gone for so long made people lose their confidence in her.

It was fun to see Korra interacting with Zaheer. There was definitely tension between them but they put aside their differences for the greater good. Zaheer saw Kuvira as a big threat and that made him help Korra reenter the spirit world to rescue her friends. She even got to reconnect with Raava and I think that’s going to make her stronger. The Spirit of light was always inside the Avatar; Korra just had to find her. With the events that took place in the spirit world and her little meeting with Zaheer, am I the only one who’s waiting for Korra to learn how to fly?

I still don’t understand why the rest of the Nations haven’t done anything to stop Kuvira. President Raiko wanted to go on the offensive but neither Tenzin nor Lord Izumi wanted to play a part in it. I was expecting to see Korra’s father at the meeting along with her cousins Eska and Desna but they weren’t there. It felt weird that Republic City was holding a meeting that affected the world but didn’t include the leaders from the Water Tribes.

There were also two side-plots that developed this week and I know we will be seeing more of in the coming episodes. Opal and Lin got ready to rescue their family from Kuvira. In the end, Bolin also joined their secret mission. With Kuvira collecting spirit vines from the swamp there’s a chance Opal and the rest might succeed.

Varrick and Asami were asked by President Raiko to work together and find a way to stop the destructive machine Kuvira was making. I think those two will be able to create a machine that can negate the effects of the one Baatar Jr. is making to take over the world. I still have my fingers crossed that Zhu li will help the good guys in the end.

‘Beyond the Spirit Wilds’ didn’t have much to offer; however, it did set up some things for the coming episodes.

Did you watch this week’s episode of The Legend of Korra Book 4: Balance? What did you think of it? Let us know!

Author: Farid-ul-Haq

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