‘Starport Delta’ Released on PC! Let’s Build a Space Station!

Starport Delta game pc
Starport Delta (Image: PR)

While we all try to find different ways to entrain ourselves during these unfortunate times, why not leave Earth for a bit and build a virtual space station? Independent game developer Cloudfire Studios has launched a real-time space station builder Starport Delta, on PC via Steam.

In Starport Delta, you have to build “the best and most successful space stations” for your citizens to thrive. Of course, space is full of dangerous threats and you have to be prepared. Some of the dangers include:

  • Alien pirates stealing resources from the buildings making up your stations.
  • Massive space worms devouring anything and everything in their path.
  • Space storms deactivating various parts of your stations.
  • Meteor showers raining down and destroying unprotected buildings.
  • Deadly radiation blasts endangering the lives of the residents you’re responsible for.

The official description reads:

Take on the role of the Empire’s troubleshooter and travel from station to station, improving efficiency and design for understaffed or negligent commanders. While harvesting resources and expanding a network of buildings, players will meet friends and foes along their journey.

In Starport Delta you will be able to explore a galactic sandbox in three difficulty modes:

  • Zen – A peaceful playthrough with no disasters.
  • Easy – For those that want a journey with small challenges and disasters.
  • Hard – Everything and anything disastrous will happen.

Other features include:

  • Balancing each station design between mining, housing, and trade.
  • Managing defense expenditure and infrastructure.
  • Evacuating citizens or risk loss of life from deadly radiation bursts.
  • Rescuing good citizens or airlocking problematic residents and risking attracting space worms.
  • Micromanaging building maintenance or automating it with slower repair drones.

You can go ahead and get Starport Delta right now on Steam.

According to the press release I got, while playing this indie title you “must maintain a holistic perspective” of your station while juggling resources with unique upgrades and clever station design.

Are you ready?

Author: Farid-ul-Haq

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