Teen Wolf Season 3B Masterpost

Teen Wolf 3b

Teen Wolf Meta, Analysis, & News

The Hales, The La Loba and The Kitsune: Teen Wolf 3B Predictions
Stiles, Kira, & Gendered Possessions in Teen Wolf
Teasing Major Character Death: Is It Worth It?
We Need To Talk About Tyler Posey
Fan Projects: Teen Wolf Fans Get Charitable in Appreciation of Tyler Posey
Entertaining the Impossible: Killing off Stiles
Teen Wolf Fans Want You To Know That Tyler Hoechlin is More Than Just a Pretty Face
What’s So Special About Allison Argent?
I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends
Stiles Stilinski’s Sexuality: Is ‘Bisexual’ A Dirty Word?
Baiting the Fandom That Feeds You

Staff Roundtables

A “Teen Wolf” Roundtable – Part 1
A “Teen Wolf” Roundtable – Part 2
A “Teen Wolf” Roundtable – Echo House
A “Teen Wolf” Roundtable – Part 3


Interview: Taking a Bite out of The Bite Convention

Teen Wolf Episode Reviews

3×13: Anchors
3×14: More Bad Than Good
3×15: Galvanize
3×16: Illuminated
3×17: Silverfinger
3×18: Riddled
3×19: Letharia Vulpina
3×20: Echo House
3×21: The Fox and the Wolf
3×22: De-Void
3×23: Insatiable
3×24: The Divine Move

Season 4 Masterpost

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