“The 100” Season 3 Sneak Peek Shows a Very Different Clarke

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The 100 executive producer Jason Rothenberg shared a sneak peek at Clarke from season 3, and I think we all can agree that she looks a little different. If you remember, season 2 ended with Clarke seeing her people safely to Camp Jaha before heading off into the sunset on a walkabout of self-reflection, unable to deal with the enormity of the genocide she (and Bellamy) committed at Mount Weather. When the show picks up again this winter, it stands to reason that there will have been a bit of a time jump between seasons, and it’s highly unlikely Clarke would remain alone for long.

Still, considering the way things ended with Lexa’s clan, it is a little odd to see Clarke in Grounder makeup. Eliza Taylor said at Comic-Con that there was “definitely resentment” from Clarke towards Lexa, so I doubt that Clarke ran off to join the Trikru so soon after what she saw as an enormous betrayal. However, we know that the Trikru isn’t the only clan of Grounders, and Ricky Whittle let slip at SDCC that we were going to meet more of the clans in season 3. It’s possible that clans in the same region have a similar style of dress and that Clarke took up with one of them.

But why would Clarke join one of the Grounder clans instead of returning to her own people? Perhaps she doesn’t feel as though she deserves to be with the Sky People anymore (even though she made the same kind of tough decisions her mother and Kane made as council members on the Ark). Perhaps she can’t face her friends knowing what she did to save them. Perhaps she is attempting to gain an alliance with other clans against the Trikru – perhaps she is telling people what happened at Tondc. Perhaps she was taken prisoner or forced to join a clan in order to keep Camp Jaha safe.

There are dozens of reasons why Clarke is in Grounder makeup. (Hey, we don’t even know what episode this is from! This could be from later in the season!) I think the one thing we can all agree on, though, is that season 3 cannot come fast enough.

Author: Jamie Sugah

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