‘Hit the Floor’ Finds a New Home on BET! Bring On All The #Zude!

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Fans have been waiting for news about Hit the Floor season four and BET has answered. The series, which focuses on a basketball team and cheerleaders, has found a new home. Devils Nation, rise up!

Hit the Floor aired the last episode from its third season back in March 2016. Fans craved more and VH1 greenlit a summer special. However, the future of the show remained uncertain after the special which led to fans shared their enthusiasm for the show to continue on social media. A #Thongs4HTF4 campaign was launched. Creator James LaRosa has also been supportive of the fans.

Now, BET has announced that it has ordered a new season of Hit the Floor and the fandom is overjoyed.

The show previously aired on VH1 so time will tell if moving to BET affects the story and pacing somehow. The cast hasn’t been confirmed either so I can’t say for sure if all of the original characters will return. However, I’ll worry about such things later. Right now it’s time for the fandom to enjoy and await the return of their beloved TV show. No air date has been announced yet.

I also talked to James LaRosa, before the premiere of season three, about Zude, having POC leads, and more if you want to check that out.

Here are a few things I’d like to see in Hit the Floor season four:

  1. What Derek and Ahsha are up to in Miami. They might return to the Devils but I would like to see them take a well-deserved break from all the drama.
  2. More Kyle because one can never get enough of her.
  3. Jelena trying to take care of Miguel. Such scenes could make for some great comedy and also develop Jelena as a character.
  4. I won’t mind Terrence returning.
  5. Domestic Zude!
  6. Perhaps a time skip? As long as it’s just a few months I’ll be okay with it.
  7. Lionel coming into her own. She deserves better.

Are you excited for Hit the Floor season four? Let us know.

Author: Farid-ul-Haq

Farid has a Double Masters in Psychology and Biotechnology as well as an M.Phil in Molecular Genetics. He is the author of numerous books including Missing in Somerville, and The Game Master of Somerville. He gives us insight into comics, books, TV shows, anime/manga, video games, and movies.

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27 thoughts on “‘Hit the Floor’ Finds a New Home on BET! Bring On All The #Zude!

  1. Not gonna lie, I’m a little worried Zude will be cut or significantly downplayed with the move to BET.

    1. Hit the Floor have always been vocal about the show..if that happens I’m sure BET and The Power That Be will know we aren’t having any of that…Zude is a major thing.

    2. Me too! Also been hearing Adam Senn is NOT returning – does this mean Zude will not happen?!?, or will there be new actors playing the characters? No Zude…possible no watch – sorry! Jude caught the bouquet…there NEEDS to be a Jude/Zero wedding!, with a Jude/Zero love story. Was nice to see a male to male relationship on prime TV. Would like to see one continuing in a POSITIVE direction! Just being hopeful!! JJ

  2. Derek and asha. And Asha’s parents get married, also will love someone Jelena can’t handle let her meet her match

  3. am so excited with the news. please keep the original cast with one or two new faces. cannot wait

  4. Ok, now BET has the show, please take this show up bc I absolutely love this show. PLEASE BET do not RUN this show in the ground like yall did THE GAME.

  5. Yes! So excited and relieved! Gotta say, I was a little worried. Happy again!
    Can’t wait to see Zude again…

  6. So excited to hear Season four is returning. Also I hope all the original characters come back as well and I don’t mind if the show will air on BET or VH1 I will watch any chanel it comes on!!!!!!

  7. I’m super excited. It’s been long overdue. I hope James Larisa don’t let them do what they did to The Game. That was tragic.

  8. I would like Jelena to stay alive and to be pregnant with Terence’s baby . Bith of them to survive. She is a good person after all . Would like to see Asha and Derek married .

  9. I can’t wait for this show to return. I love Hit the floor, I hope all the original cast returns. So excited can’t wait….

  10. I don’t think the full original cast will be back. Jelena is on Dear White People. I haven’t heard any other projects from everyone else but we’ll see. I’m just excited it’s coming back.

    1. Quite a few characters are on different shows. Mckinnley is on daytime divas and if loving you is wrong, Robert he’s going to be on dynasty, and Logan is on dear white people

  11. I’m a little worried if there really will be the fourth season of Hit The Floor. I wanted something more concrete about it, a news source. And if there is a Season Four (that’s what we all want), put more emphasis on the relationship of Zero and Jude, perhaps a supposed and brief temporary separation, or something of the kind, would further enlighten the plot, Zero came to the surface …. There are many other points that should be explored.

  12. I’m so excited!!! I absolutely love this SHOW!!!!! Thanks BET!!! I want to see Ahsha and Derek return back to the Devils Nation due to a not so well change. I want to see jelena develop a heart and raise Raquel son. I hate Raquel died off. I want a new devil girl threat added to the team. Somehow jelena losing ownership of the team and booted back to the devil girls to ride the new threat. Kyle amuses me…love it!!!! Terrance start dating the new Devil girl and turns back heartless. Jelena needs her match…I do love jelena though. I love Soloane, Pete, Lionel. I love the entire cast.

  13. I am almost tired of waiting… Please be quick about it. I want HIT The FLOOR… This is like a major tantrum lol

  14. I want all the old one back aisha and derwin was the show for me please make sure they come back.

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