No Haikyuu Season 4 in 2017?

Haikyuu season 4

Fans may have to wait a little bit for Haikyuu season 4, but that doesn’t mean we won’t be getting anything in 2017.

This year’s 16th issue of Weekly Shonen Jump magazine revealed no information about Haikyuu season 4, but we did learn that later this year there will be two compilation movies for the anime adaptation of Haruichi Furudate’s volleyball manga.

The first film, Haikyu!! Sainō to Sense (Haikyu!! Genius and Sense), will chronicle the match against Aobajōsai High School (aka Seijou) in the anime’s first season, which pitted Karasuno setter Kageyama against his senpai, Oikawa, for the first time in an official match.

The second film, Haikyu!! Concept no Tatakai (Haikyu!! Battle of Concepts), will focus on the championship match between Karasuno and Shiratorizawa, which is interesting considering that the entire third season focused on this game. Of course, season 3 was about four hours total, and the film will be considerably less than that, but still.

Unfortunately, compilation movies mean that we likely won’t be getting Haikyuu season 4 anytime this year. I suspect that Production I.G., the studio that produces the anime, is waiting for more chapters of the manga to be released so that they have more material for season 4. While the anime hasn’t yet caught up to the manga, it is getting dangerously close, so it makes sense that they would release compilation films in order to buy some time. It isn’t new material, but at least it’s something.

I’ve been wondering how they plan to break up the manga in season 4. Will they return to the 25-episode format of seasons 1 and 2, or will they make smaller, more focused seasons like this last season?

The current chapters are sent at Japan’s national volleyball tournament, and the chapters in between the Shiratorizawa match and the current arc focused on our favorite first years participating in special training camps while the rest of the team honed their skills for nationals. While it wouldn’t be ridiculous to break up nationals into different seasons (Kuroko no Basket did this with its national tournament arc), it would make more sense for season 4 to be a shorter season that concentrates solely on the training camp arcs, with season 5 (hopefully) revolving around nationals. After all, since the manga is ongoing, we have no idea how far Karasuno will go at nationals, so it’s reasonable to wait and see.

What do you guys think about the compilation movies? Any thoughts on season 4?

Author: Jamie Sugah

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30 thoughts on “No Haikyuu Season 4 in 2017?

    let’s also not forget the epic battle between Nekoma & Fukurodani that happens right after shiratorizawa match, I’ve been waiting forever for the Tokyo prelims arc to be animated since I love those teams so much ;__;. I wonder if just the prelims would be enough for a shorter separate season, perhaps they could do it in a form of a movie or a couple of OVAs? I’ll be happy with anything as long as they don’t leave the important stuff out :’D

    As for the training camps of Hinata & Kageyama, I also doubt that they’re long enough for a separate shorter season… Maybe we’ll see a combination of Tokyo prelims and Karasuno training​ arc?

  2. Honestly I think that the movies are a good idea for now, but that isn’t gonna keep the fans satisfied forever.

    1. I think that the movies are just an excuse to not want to make the next season this year. But I did read something before that it’s supposed to come out this fall

  3. Huh I was surprised that you thought they were close to catching up to the manga. From what I’ve read there’s tons of content. The Fukurodani vs Nekoma match could be multiple episodes, even half a season/full season if they stretched it out. Plus there’s the training camp arc where Hinata is the ball boy. And the Nekoma match against the snakes and daishou (i forgot the team name lol) and now we even have them at nationals

  4. I am a fan and I just need season 4 in my life. Like I think what would be cool is to have a movie during or after season 4 is made and what it would be about is their home life and training and such. How intense their life is at home, covering a bit of The Little Giant, etc. But that is just me.

    1. that’s true I think they have to reveal more of the characters personal lives and they didn’t really even tell us about the little giants name or how he used to play what is he doing now how the people around him used to think of him and such. because of all those question of mine I started imagining things about him . when I had a fever I actually dreamed about an episode were they tell us that the little giant is a relative of shoyo LOL

      1. I think that the reason why they decided to keep the little giant’s face, name, etc. is to intentionally create a sense of mystery. I dont think things like that about the little giant will be shown until muuuuuch later in the story. Maybe when hinata becomes a third year and the ace? Otherwise, I do think that delving more deeply characters lives is a good idea, i want to know more about their families, their pasts, etc.

        1. Spoiler
          Hinata meets Little faint in the nationals. And Kageyama becomes friends with Little gaint when he goes for National Youth Training camp.

  5. I keep rewatching the three seasons and can’t believe the extreme intensity it constantly pulls me into…, I KNOW the story but I can’t stop watching it….. and my heart is like that one person who faints foams in the mouth so imo, something like a backstory (such as a movie focusing on past challenges) is SOMETHING rather than NOTHING. I mean, I was left there with WANTING MORE after season 3….. But my heart couldn’t take another intense match. Lol. Somebody else who’s reading this will probably understand what ramblings I’m writing about but maaaaan…. I love this story and will wait for season four.

    1. Ha! That explains exactly how i feel. Also I do want to know more about the little giant.

  6. I wouldn’t mind a break if it means a stronger season 4. Sure it’ll suck that we don’t get another season this year…but in my opinion –as far as the anime world goes– generally good things comes to those who wait.

  7. Please don’t keep us waiting too long.. my husband and I love this manga! Keep up the good work! Don’t work too hard. #BAKUMANHUNGER

  8. Like myghad srsly me too here, I keep on watching all of the episodes wven though I dont play volleyball but mah ghad I cant stop watching it all over again. I hope they make the Season 4 maybe the trainings and all, season 5 as the garbage dump battle and season 6 as the nationals last battle. I think the public is not yet ready for them losing at the nationals, so the story can continue for them becoming second years and fighting for the same name, I ‘d hate to see sugawara-san, asahi and sawamura out of the battles. So Winning the nationals would be that all, and the Little Giant is here again, maybe the story will all come back to the Little Giant was as before, since he started to excel at second year than in first year, the main series of ‘The Little Giant’ will end with season 3 as his third year with the clip of hinata looking up to him. Gahahahaha

  9. Me personally, i think that it would be really interesting if during the 4th season, an ova or a movie, making Hinata Shouyou and the little giant meet. Then under whatever circumstances the little giant decides to train Hinata, Hinata then goes back to his teammates after acquiring a super awesome skill or gets a better control over his body. But most of all i’m really hoping for a back story of the little giant and/or the karasuno volleyball clubmembers cus most of the explanations in the anime are so half assed like why Hinata got into volleyball and idolises the little giant. Make the explanations more interesting and clear. like seriously the little giant didn’t even get 3 minutes of screen time with all their seasons, ova’s and movies added together, and the way i perceived it the little giant was quite an important aspect. Sorry, i know i’m ranting a lot but this is just how i feel.

    1. That would be really awesome! You just got what is on my mind! I feel bad for making Hinata be the Ball Boy while Kageyama and Tsukkishima were invited for a special training. Hinata deserved more attention and training! That is why I am hoping if the old Coach Ukai could train him again or much better, the Tiny Giant will train him. But then, in manga, they are already in the National Tournament. BUT I AM STILL HOPING THAT THEY WILL ACKNOWLEDGE HINATA’S SKILLS EVEN WITHOUT KAGEYAMA. I don’t hate Kageyama but I feel like Hinata deserved more recognition. Oh well, it is just me wanting to protect my baby Hinata.

  10. I wonder if they’re going to pay some tribute to coach ukais seiyuu passing. I wonder if they’re also holding off season 4 to get a good replacement.

  11. I hope they won’t delay it too much longer because fans might lose interest. I’ve been reading the manga and it’s good since the nationals is full amazing rivals, and I can’t wait to watch Karasuno vs Inarizaki fight. But each manga episode per week is too short and I’m gradually losing my excitement. I feel like giving it up. By the way, if the season 4 comes this year, I wish it still has great instrumental songs just like the previous seasons. Haikyuu is actually one of the best anime I have ever watched so please, run it as soon as possible. Thanks!

    1. There were two years between the 1st and the 2nd season and yet manga and anime (and stage plays, etc.) got even more popular in-between. It’s more probable that the franchise will get more fans during the waiting period than that its fans lose interest. People who watch longer anime series are usually used to waiting (SnK, Natsume Yuujinchou, Mushishi, Durarara, etc.). Hell, with Saint Seiya ppl had to wait 23 years! And it’s not even the longest gap between series in the anime world. So there should really be no problems with Haikyuu that has gaps of 1-2 years and a brilliant on-going (and weekly!) manga.

  12. Although I feel anxious about waiting for the release of Season 4 and the next chapters in manga, I am still hoping that they could make a chapter or episode where in they will show more about the little giant and I REALLY HOPE THAT HINATA WILL MEET HIM AND IF HE COULD TRAIN OR GIVE HINATA SOME ADVICE THAT WILL BE TOTALLY AWESOME! I feel bad when Hinata become a ball boy while Kageyama and Tsukki were invited to special training. That is why I want him to receive a special training also from old Coach Ukai (again) or from the Little Giant. Hinata’s hunger of improvement makes me love him even more and admit it or not, every time he surprises the other characters with the new action he shows them, it also gives us a satisfaction. I even cried when they lose during S1 and against the powerhouse practice match. He is so precious! So, please, I hope they won’t make the fans wait more because admit it or not, the excitement might be gone. Please, make Hinata reached his goal. Don’t make him sad or else I’m gonna cry. I want to see my baby again. I want him to get more attention.

  13. Hopefully the 25 episode series not the ten episode series as that way there is more Haikyuu to enjoy

  14. i want watch haikyuu season 4 . i do not care when the date haikyuu season 4 .
    I just hope you can publish the story of season 4, because of my favorite story and everyone. For me it is the most delicious story I ever watch. I hope you can publish your story. Please help me beg. thank you

  15. When you want to publish the latest chapter. Can you speed up ?? Because I can not wait to read.

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