Conventions 2019

This was our busiest year yet! The Geekiary crew attended 18 conventions throughout 2019.  Check out our coverage, including interviews, panel summaries, con recaps, and so much more!

Amazing Comic Con AlohaComic Con Lahore
Lahore, Pakistan
February 3rd, 2019

ComicCon Lahore 2019 Recap: Cosplayers, Panels, Food & More!

Amazing Comic Con Aloha
Honolulu, HI
February 2019

Amazing Comic Con Aloha Defeats Hurricane, Puts on Show

Fan Expo Vancouver
Vancouver, Canada
March 1 – 3

Fan Expo Vancouver 2019 Highlights

San Diego Comic Fest
San Diego, CA
March 8th-9th

San Diego Comic Fest is BACK and Ready for Its 7th Year!
Arlen Schumer Owes Some Volunteers At San Diego Comic Fest An Apology

Emerald City Con
Seattle, WA
March 14 – 17

Gail Simone Tells Us What To Expect From Catalyst Prime at Emerald City Comic Con

Anaheim, CA
March 29 – 31

LAIKA Studios Presents Missing Link: Adventure Awaits
Highlights from the Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD Roundtable 
Highlights From “Fear The Walking Dead” 
Voyage to the Stars: Your New Favorite Podcast
WonderCon 2019 – A Recap of 3 Days of Sights and Sounds

Honolulu, HI
April 5 – 7

Boku no Hero Academia: Theories at Kawaii Kon 2019

ClexaConClexa Con
Las Vegas, NV
April 11 – 15

ClexaCon: Interview with Black Lightning’s Nafessa Williams & Chantal Thuy
ClexaCon: Interview with One Day At A Time’s Isabella Gomez & Sheridan Pierce
ClexaCon: Interview with Legends of Tomorrow’s Jes Macallan
ClexaCon: Interview with the Ladies of Marvel’s Runaways
ClexaCon 2019: The Good and The Not-So-Good

Orlando, FL

Ten Things You Can Do At MegaCon Orlando (Besides Panels)
Sherrilyn Kenyon Talks About Writing and Her (Very Complicated) Life

Atlanta, GA
May 23 – 26

The Geekiary Does Momocon
Kronk, Dutch, and Pearl Walk into a Bar: MomoCon 2019 Guest Interviews

New York, NY
June 1 & 2

Hulu Page-to-Screen Adaptations Headed to BookCon
DC Comics Previews Upcoming Middle Grade & YA Titles at Book Expo
BookCon 2019: DC Reveals Details, Artists, Covers & More For Upcoming YA Graphic Novels!
BookCon 2019: Adam Rippon Is Beautiful Inside and Out
BookCon 2019: Looking for Alaska Finally Has a Premiere Date
BookCon 2019: Queer Authors Talk Queer Love Stories

San Diego Comic-Con
San Diego, CA
July 18 – 21

Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3

Panels & Press Rooms

Agents of SHIELD at SDCC: Beginning to Say Goodbye
‘Van Helsing’ Previews Season Four at SDCC 2019
The Cast of Teen Titans Wants a Season 6 Just As Much As You Do
Comedy from Kindness: Brooklyn Nine-Nine at SDCC 2019
No More Secrets in Supergirl Season 5 (Well, Maybe a Few)
MCU Phase 4 Details Revealed at SDCC 2019! Jane Foster Is Thor!
Fourth and Final Season of ‘The Man in the High Castle’ Gets November Premiere!
If ‘Snowpiercer’ Wasn’t On Your Watchlist This Preview Will Put It There
Star Trek at SDCC: “Discovery,” “Picard,” “Short Treks” & “Lower Decks”
“It’s Not Called ‘The Light Crystal’” – The Dark Crystal at SDCC 2019
‘Undone’ Offers A Very Interesting Sneak Peek at SDCC 2019
‘The Order’ Casts A Spell on SDCC 2019!
Netflix’s “The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance” Making-Of Sneak Peek Released!
DreamWorks Debuts Trailer for She-Ra Season 3 at Comic-Con

Other Coverage

New Doctor Who VR Game Makes Fannish Dreams Come To Life
Amazon Prime Video SDCC Content Shows That Art Is Political

Comic Con Honolulu
Honolulu, HI

Comic Con Honolulu: Another Geek Year In Queer

Atlanta, GA
Aug 29 – Sept 2

The 100 At Dragon Con: Dragon Con Has 99 Problems but The 100 Ain’t One
Dragon Con 2019: The Geekiary Takeover
Dragon Con Overlooks Non-binary Rep in Good Omens
Dragon Con 2019 Roundup: What’s a Little Brains Between Friends?
Cosplay at Dragon Con 2019: Scoops Troop Ahoy!
Rose McIver Interview at Dragon Con: The Aldovian Zombie Queen Speaks
Malcolm Goodwin Interview at Dragon Con: A Beautiful Mind
Coming Out: Reclaiming Its Celebratory Origins At Dragon Con

New York Comic Con
New York, NY
October 3 – 6

Resident Alien at NYCC 2019: Aliens Among Us
Castle Rock at NYCC 2019: Salem’s Lot Versus Misery
The Expanse at NYCC 2019: The Universe Just Got Bigger
Big Mouth at NYCC 2019: Disclosure as a Musical?!?
Daybreak at NYCC 2019: This Is Not Your Parents’ Apocalypse

ACE Comic Con

Ace Comic Con: A Conversation With Gwendoline Christie
Ace Comic Con: A Conversation with Brie Larson & Tessa Thompson
Ace Comic Con Midwest 2019 Highlights

Los Angeles Comic Con

A Day at Los Angeles Comic Con

Baltimore Comic Con
Baltimore, MA

Sebastian Jones Talks Niobe, HBO, and Finding Your Own Voice at Baltimore Comic Con
Baltimore Comic Con Hotel and Parking Guide

Anime NYC
New York, NY
November 15 – 17

Anime NYC 2019 Preview: This Con Just Keeps Getting Better
Crunchyroll Is Bringing Its A Game to Anime NYC
Anime NYC 2019 Recap: A Great Time Had By All (Or At Least By Me)
Anime NYC 2019: An Interview with Clifford Chapin
Anime NYC 2019: An Interview with J Michael Tatum
Anime NYC 2019: An Interview with Justin Briner
Anime NYC 2019: An Interview with Lisa Ortiz